Custom Made Short Stories!

This is the page where WebsieTheStar likes to post his Short Stories at. | Will be on Google Docs most of the time.

Story #1

Bob’s Small Life

Written by: WebsieTheStar

One peaceful day at Bob’s house, a fully-grown elderly cat. This is his very first time writing in a journal.

Today is February 9, 1970, I am living in a cottage house with my owner, and my owners name is Randy, and randy doesn’t know I can write in English! I was homeless since I was a kitten, until last week anyway. When Randy found me, he took me to the Animal Shelter, and they said “you could keep the cat if you wish to”, so he decided to keep me! But before we went to the cottage house, he took me to the vet. That’s when the veterinarian gave me and Randy the awful news. I was going to die in 1 week. But he didn’t care because he wanted me to die happy and filled with love.

Today is February 12, 1970. I only have 4 days until my death. Today Randy and I had the greatest day of all, and sorry I haven't written here in 3 days. We went ding dong ditching the police, I peed on the neighbors lawn, and I even chased down a rat. Then for the rest of the day I slept until I woke up to write in this thing!

Today is February 16, 1970. Today is my last day here. When I woke up I ran into Randy’s lap and cried harder than I’ve ever cried in my entire life. Before I die I just want to say that me and Randy were cuddling in bed all day before I die, but I am not quite dead yet. I have about 10 minutes before my death. Randy found out that I can write in English! He was really surprised.

(Moment when Bob dies.)